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Hey y'all! I am Melissa , and I am so glad you have dropped by my  T-shirt shop and podcast/blog ! Graceful Barn is a shop designed to bring you everything from  inspiring T-shirts with humorous farm animals and graphic tees.I also have a blog on how to decorate on a budget earrings and t-shirt projects, with a few deep thoughts in between. My passion is to help women to keep the word of God around them simply. I create  by using fun country sayings and simple worded items for the ever day woman.  Our goal is for our customers to feel love, comfort and unstressed for a more positive day .
  As women we don't do for ourselves as we do for others. And we need to ! This is the reason I decided to do a podcast called It’s Gravy Baby podcast. I share a few of my friends who shine their light in their businesses daily.
Our focus is to help you to be more present with those you love and shine you light southern style. 


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Are you a woman who love crafts/ DIY Projects...

 I teach a step by step method of all my tutorials. They are every month a home décor  painting tutorial, and I have a block of the month as well. I actually have a hidden message each month for my chicks. I provide all pdfs and currently working on stencils as well. 

Graceful Art Chicks online version

Are you a woman get overwhelmed and stressed.....

 One of the greatest benefits is that you will start to take time for you. As women we do not do this. You will find that you will become more creative and your thoughts will start to become clear. You will be more focused on what you need to accomplish and will start looking forward to your time to create. You will be less anxious because you are doing self-care. You will also have a beautiful home as well.

Graceful Art Chicks and Creative Barn Box 

Woman that  is  busy.....

If you are like me a busy wife, mom, grandma and working to do all the things .... inside the group gives you easy access to all the pdfs and videos step by step. I can say personally that creating and painting has help me so much in relaxing . You see when you start painting and get focused on what you are creating. The mind gets busy and you enjoy what you are making. Your thoughts of that busy day seems to fade away  and you will be more focused. You will be more productive and more positive for the day. Your family will even start to notice.

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Woman needing support...

Our community is much like a sisterhood of artists, and crafters that will encourage, inspire and uplift you. Many of the women are faith believing and we do pray for one another on a regular basis. So Are YOU A Graceful Art Chick?...

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paint parties 

I do teach on line and in person paint parties. I have taught 2-65 people at a time . I can paint custom designs as well as barn quilts and decorative pieces for home such as porch leaners and door hangers. 


What Inspires You?

When 2020 started I was fired up to work on my business more. I took online classes from Heidi Easley and Stu McLeod (Tribe) and it was drinking from a fire hose hot and fast learning all the things,  I new because of everything going on that paint parties  I had to  quickly and I did.  I saw a great need and that was compassion and shining  love for others. 
I developed strong friendships with fellow artist and I decided to collaborate .  The year of 2020 was a crazy year for all but little did I know how crazy it would be. I soon learned that the greatest lessons I would learn would be on relationships.  In a world filled with darkness of illness , death,  elections and no toilet paper.  I soon learn what shining my light and purpose would be.  I had a lot of wins but also  hard lessons  that I had to heal  from.  This is no t the time to talk about that but will be at a later time.  So girl to  tell ya I have new podcast called It's Gravy Baby Podcast. I hope you check it out  and tell us what you think.

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